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void KanagramGame::loadDefaultVocab (  ) [slot]

load the default vocab file

open returns KEduVocDocument::ErrorCode

Definition at line 64 of file kanagramgame.cpp.

References m_doc, m_filename, nextAnagram(), nextVocab(), and refreshVocabList().

Referenced by KanagramGame().

    m_filename = KanagramSettings::defaultVocab();
    if (m_filename.isEmpty() || !QFileInfo(m_filename).exists())

    delete m_doc;
    m_doc = new KEduVocDocument(this);

    ///@todo open returns KEduVocDocument::ErrorCode
    int result = m_doc->open(KUrl(KStandardDirs::locate("data", m_filename)));
    if (result != 0) {
        KMessageBox::error(0, m_doc->errorDescription(result));

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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