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void Kanagram::drawTextNew ( QPainter &  p,
const QString &  text,
int  textAlign,
int  xMargin,
int  yMargin,
const QRect &  rect,
bool  highlight,
int  fontSize = 18 
) [private]

new method to draw text in a rectangle

ppainter to use
texttext string to draw
textAlignthe alignment to use for the text (Left, right, center)
xMarginthe margin in the x direction
yMarginthe margin in the y direction
rectthe bounding rectangle to draw the text inside of
highlightwhether or not to use the highlight color if true m_chalkHighlightColor is used, otherwise m_chalkColor is used
fontSizethe fontsize to use

Definition at line 758 of file kanagram.cpp.

References innerRect(), and m_fillColor.

Referenced by paintEvent().

    QRect r = innerRect(rect, xMargin, yMargin);
    QFont font = KGlobalSettings::generalFont();

    const bool withMargin = false;
    if (withMargin)
        p.fillRect(r, m_fillColor);
        p.setPen(QPen(Qt::black, 3));
        p.drawRoundRect(r.left(), r.top(), r.width(), r.height(), 15, 15);

    if (highlight)
    p.drawText(r, textAlign, text);

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