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void Kanagram::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent *  e ) [private]

called when the mouse is moved checks the mouse position against any svg elements that trigger an action or have a hover state, and sets/resets those states

Definition at line 708 of file kanagram.cpp.

References CheckRect(), m_inputBox, m_nextRect, and m_overNext.

    QPoint p = e->pos();
    bool haveToUpdate = false;

    CheckRect(m_nextRect, p, m_overNext, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_configRect, p, m_overConfig, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_logoRect, p, m_overLogo, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_helpRect, p, m_overHelp, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_quitRect, p, m_overQuit, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_hintRect, p, m_overHint, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_hintBoxRect, p, m_overHintBox, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_revealRect, p, m_overReveal, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_upRect, p, m_overUp, haveToUpdate);
    CheckRect(m_aboutAppRect, p, m_overAboutApp, haveToUpdate);

    if (m_switcherRect.contains(p) || m_arrowRect.contains(p))
        haveToUpdate = !m_overSwitcher;
        m_overSwitcher = true;
    else if (m_overSwitcher)
        m_overSwitcher = false;
        haveToUpdate = true;

    if (!m_showHint)
        CheckRect(m_handbookRect, p, m_overHandbook, haveToUpdate);
        CheckRect(m_aboutKDERect, p, m_overAboutKDE, haveToUpdate);

    if (m_overAboutKDE || m_overHandbook || m_overSwitcher || m_overNext || m_overQuit
            || m_overConfig || m_overReveal || m_overHint || (m_overUp && !m_inputBox->text().isEmpty())
            || m_overAboutApp || m_overHintBox || m_overLogo)

    if (haveToUpdate)

Here is the call graph for this function:

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