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void MainSettings::populateLanguageBox (  ) [private]

get languages from data folders populate the language combobox with the names also puts the folder name in the userData of the combobox for quick retrieval

Definition at line 67 of file mainsettings.cpp.

Referenced by MainSettings().

    QStringList languages = SharedKvtmlFiles::languages();

    //the language code/name
    KConfig entry(KStandardDirs::locate("locale", "all_languages"));
    for (int i = 0; i < languages.count(); ++i) 
        KConfigGroup group = entry.group(languages[i]);
        // get the language name
        QString languageName = group.readEntry("Name");
        if (languageName.isEmpty())
            languageName = i18nc("@item:inlistbox no language for that locale", "None");
        languageComboBox->addItem(languageName, languages[i]);

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