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Kanagram Class Reference

main interface widget More...

#include <kanagram.h>

Collaboration diagram for Kanagram:
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Public Member Functions

 Kanagram ()
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
 ~Kanagram ()

Private Slots

void checkWord ()
void hideHint ()
void refreshVocabularies ()
void reloadSettings ()
void resetInputBox ()
void slotChooseVocabulary ()
void slotEnableApplyButton ()
void slotFileError (const QString &filename)
void slotNextAnagram ()
void slotNextVocabulary ()
void slotPrevVocabulary ()
void slotRevealWord ()
void slotSaveSettings ()
void slotSettingsCancelled ()
void slotShowSettings ()
void slotToggleHint ()

Private Member Functions

void CheckRect (const QRect &rect, const QPoint &p, bool &flag, bool &changed)
void drawHelpText (QPainter &p, const QString &text)
void drawSwitcher (QPainter &p, const int xMargin, const int yMargin)
void drawTextNew (QPainter &p, const QString &text, int textAlign, int xMargin, int yMargin, const QRect &rect, bool highlight, int fontSize=18)
void FixFontSize (int &fontSize)
QRect innerRect (const QRect &rect, const int xMargin, const int yMargin)
void loadSettings ()
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)
void play (const QString &filename)
void randomHintImage ()
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
void setupActions ()
QString stripAccents (const QString &original)

Private Attributes

QRect m_aboutAppRect
QRect m_aboutKDERect
KActionCollection * m_actionCollection
QString m_arrowName
QRect m_arrowRect
QRect m_blackboardRect
QColor m_chalkColor
QColor m_chalkHighlightColor
KConfigDialog * m_configDialog
QRect m_configRect
int m_cornerFontSize
QColor m_fillColor
QColor m_fontColor
QColor m_fontHighlightColor
QRect m_handbookRect
KHelpMenu * m_helpMenu
QRect m_helpRect
QRect m_hintBoxRect
int m_hintHideTime
QString m_hintOverlayName
QRect m_hintRect
QTimer * m_hintTimer
KLineEdit * m_inputBox
QRect m_logoRect
QRect m_nextRect
bool m_overAboutApp
bool m_overAboutKDE
bool m_overConfig
bool m_overHandbook
bool m_overHelp
bool m_overHint
bool m_overHintBox
bool m_overLogo
bool m_overNext
bool m_overQuit
bool m_overReveal
bool m_overSwitcher
bool m_overUp
Phonon::MediaObject * m_player
QRect m_quitRect
KRandomSequence m_randomImage
QSvgRenderer * m_renderer
QRect m_revealRect
KShortcutsEditor * m_shortcutsEditor
bool m_showHint
QRect m_switcherRect
QRect m_upRect
bool m_useSounds
double m_xRatio
double m_yRatio

Detailed Description

main interface widget

Draws the window, and reacts to mouse events

Definition at line 59 of file kanagram.h.

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